We select candidates for vacancies based on resume shortlisting, pre-screening, and interviews. We believe in effective management and understanding. URB Recruitment produces a fast and accurate response to client’s needs, therefore providing opportunities to the aspirations and the vision of the candidates to match with that our client’s. 

URB Recruitment HR Consultants will provide cost-effective propositions for Client personnel growth. URB Recruitment associate with you to solve your short term and long term business objectives. Also help and assists by advertising vacancies, registering and providing the candidate with the right skill set, aptitude, attitude and assurance helping to accomplish business goals. This results in significant time saving and cost-effective service to the Client.


  • Recruitment: Our priority is to develop a true partnership with the Client and become an extension of Human Resources.
  • Retention: Our goal is to retain the staff by understanding their needs. Also by giving best services so they retain and became an asset to the organization
  • Satisfaction: Our goal is to maintain trust and a strong working relationship with all levels of supervision. This will be accomplished through continuous communication and contact.