URB Recruitment Portal

  • Job Boards
  • Staff Referrals
  • Advertising on the social media network
  • Word of Mouth
  • Job Centre
  • Local database sourced
  • Focused advertising using online and offline methods
  • All candidates interviewed in person
  • Health & safety declaration
  • References are taken
  • URB Recruitment  Employees are
  • Hardworking and Punctual
  • Mobile – Ready to locate to where you need them
  • Flexible        
  • Committed and Loyal

With URB Employees can be Sure they will…

  • Treated with equality, no gender bias and fairly 
  • Friendly and professional 
  • Comfortable
  • develop long-term relationships with employers, allowing us to proactively find opportunities and more effectively match people to vacancies 
  • be confident that we are working on your behalf URB Recruitment exceeds expectations and stands out from the norm.

Our service to offer:

  • Permanent Solutions
  • Temporary Solutions
  • Contract vacancies
  • Tailored and market-leading options on rebate systems to meet specific requirements
  • Flexible temporary to permanent placements
  • Industry-leading network reach and talent pools.

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